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Toga II

Welcome to my Toga II page. Toga II is, along with Rybka 1.0 Beta, the strongest free UCI chess engine available. It works excellently under the Fritz or ChessBase interfaces. The engine calculates fast and its playing strength is monstrous.

Author Thomas Gaksch, Germany
Fabien Letouzey, France
Current Version 1.4 Beta 5c

More details

Hash-tables Table-bases Ponder Own Book


Toga II 1.4 Beta 5c

Toga II 1.3.1

Toga II 1.3.4 modified

Toga II 1.3 X 4

Older versions

  1. TogaII 1.2.1a.zip
  2. TogaII 1.2.1.zip ,
  3. TogaII 1.2.zip,
  4. TogaII 1.2 beta2a.zip
  5. TogaII 1.2b2a-Mac.zip (Compilation by Ken Dail)
  6. TogaII 12beta2aLinux.rar (Compilation by Michael Höppenstein)
  7. TogaII 1.1a.zip
  8. TogaII 1.1-Linux-Mac.zip (Compilation by Peter Schäfer)
  9. TogaII 1.0.zip
  10. TogaII 1.0-Linux.zip (Compilation by Peter Schäfer)
  11. TogaII 0.93.zip


Posted by Proabffmm on Friday, March 28, 2008.


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