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Never Say Die - The Stiff Resistance Strategy


Never say die is a practical strategy of determined defence. It is normally applicable after a blunder or a significant mistake. After such a mistake is made, a player should make a strong effort to forget all the previous moments of the game and tackle the position as if they were not the perpetrator of the mess but it is now their duty to clean up someone else's mess. If the best you can achieve now is a draw, then for all practical purposes a loss is still equal to a loss but a draw is equal to a win!

Here are two examples (see underneath for the context of these games):

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For the most comfortable experience, I recommend you download the above game (right click and select 'save target as') and view it in the free high-definition software ChessBase Light.

These two games are examples of never say die in action. In the first game, I was playing black in a 5-minute autopairing game on the Internet Chess Club. My opponent on the white side is a Brazilian Grandmaster.

In the second game, I am playing Black against a talented junior. I am able to swindle my opponent using never say die. My opponent is no patzer either, he sucked up the lessons from this game as well as thousands of other games and is now an international master. (Bet you didn't see that one coming!)

Often you're opponents will allow you at least one clear opportunity to get back into the game. It is necessary to keep an astute frame of mind so you can notice the opportunities as they appear. When you do take advantage of your opponent's inaccuracy, they will be at an additional psychological disadvantage because they were winning before and it is now equal, drawn or unclear.


Never say die is a highly lucrative strategy and has salvaged countless lost games for me. I hope it helps in savings many games for you too.

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