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Kasparov Chessmate (Review)


Kasparov Chessmate is a chess program for Windows XP. If you have Windows Vista Professional or Windows 7 Professional, you should be able to run this program without a hitch if you use "compatibility mode". Garry Kasparov, famous for achieving the highest Elo rating ever achieved (2851), is co-credited as game designer for this program.

The program is generally pretty sleek, with quite good graphics. It contains some tips for your play, but the main part of the program is the ability to play against the computer personalities from the fictional "Kasparov Chess Club". The engine that the program runs is the strong UCI engine Ruffian.

"Garry Kasparov" (simulated by Ruffian) is the strongest player you can play in the game. The game also includes a rating system in order to track your progress. This is a reasonable way to play if you're on the go, although I believe playing against human opponents on a chess server is best for one's improvement.

How does this compare to other chess programs? The engine is strong enough for 99% of players, although I do believe free options such as Chess Titans make this program somewhat obsolete.

However, as an owner of the full version of this game, I know that it will provide you with hours of gameplay. Some things that set it apart from programs like Chess Titans is that you can ask for hints, set your own time controls, track your rating progress, and take a look at some of the tips and example games provided.

Closing Words

If you're interested, try the 60-minute Kasparov Chessmate trial and see for yourself.

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