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Karpov's Games from Linares 1994 (Game Collections)


The 12th Linares tournament (held in Spain, 1994) is considered one of the strongest tournaments ever, having a very high proportion of top players participating. There was an average FIDE Elo rating of 2685, the highest ever at the time, making it the first 'Category XVIII tournament'. Garry Kasparov said several days before the event that the winner could rightly be called dubbed the "world champion of tournaments". 12th World Champion Anatoly Karpov decimated the competition by scoring 11/13 against his opponents. According to Jeff Sonas, his performance rating is 2899, making it the greatest ever tournament performance.

You can view Karpov's games from the Linares tournament below. They give a good introduction to Karpov's positional but precise style.

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Java chessboard provided by ChessViewer Deluxe. Click here to download the games in PGN format.

Here is the final crosstable to the tournament. I don't know what some of the numbers mean, but you can see the general placings and scores.

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