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Welcome to Little ChessPartner (also known as JChess), a Java chess machine, which you can play online on this website. To play, simply make a move on the board and the engine will respond automatically. Colours are changed whenever you ask for a new game.

This software was designed by the Dutch company LokaSoft, who are also the manufacturers of the very strong ChessPartner program. This online version does not play as well as the PC version of ChessPartner because of the limitations of Java programming. However on a fast PC, it can play at a 2000+ FIDE rating.

This program is still under development and feedback is appreciated.

Program History

December 2006

Version 1.12 released - Added some extra function for programmers. Also, after each new game colours are swapped.

March 2005

Version 1.09 released - Added a small 1000 moves opening book. This will make JChess considerably stronger.

January 2003

Version 1.08 released - Added more parameters and options to make it better to integrate with websites.

February 2001

Added the option to setup a start position and some options to change the colours.

July 2000

The applet has been made freeware, you may download it and use it on your own website.

March 1998 Update

Added some simple positional evaluation, also setting dialog has better functionality.

March 1998

The applet makes its first moves, lots of work needs to be done, like positional evaluation, opening book, etc. The speed isn't as bad as we once thought. On a P233-MMX with IE3.02 the speed is between 20000-30000 positions per second.


Thanks for playing JChess (or just playing some moves then disconnecting from the site).

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Article originally written: Saturday, October 16, 2010

Article edited (slightly): Tuesday, February 22, 2011