Chess Opening Theory

Welcome! You have stumbled upon a guide on keeping up-to-date with your chess opening theory.

So how do you find out what’s been going on in the chess world? The best way is with the newest games. A great source of the newest games can be found atTWIC (or The Week in Chess). TWIC is 100% free database released every week. The games are compiled by the masterful Mark Crowther.

Downloading the games

To download the games, scroll down from the link and you will find the title “TWIC # zipped downloads “. Here, you can download the games in PGN, CBF and CBH formats.

Accessing the games

For accessing the games, unzip the file to access the database (if necessary) and I recommend opening the games in software like Fritz or ChessBase. Other software includes Chess Assistant, the free “poor man’s ChessBase” SCID or the free version of ChessBase (which works surprisingly well), ChessBase Light.

Editing your database

You can edit the databases however you like. You may choose to compile all the latest weekly databases into one large database or you may choose to only collect games by 2600+ players from each weekly update.

Enjoy learning new ideas

Now you can look up all the latest games every week to see what has been going in latest super-GM theory or the latest theory in your favourite openings.

Other sources of games’s 10 DAYS is an abundant database with the newest games from every crevice of the earth. The publishing dates for the updates are on the 1st, 10th and 20th dates of each month.

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