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Foxy Openings is a range of DVDs, normally by IMs and GMs on particular openings.

In general, the material on these DVDs is quite good. Foxy Openings employs quite experienced presenters such as GM Nigel Davies and IM Andrew Martin. The latter has a surprising ability to make almost any line seem interesting! Martin has also worked for ChessBase, arguably the world's most popular chess website.

I have one particular worry on the physical quality of the DVD and the DVD casing. I bought a DVD by Andrew Martin and the DVD case broken within 3 uses, while the DVD itself started experiencing serious problems after 4-5 run-throughs.

There is an easy way around this. Prepare your own DVD or CD case to replace the Foxy Openings one. And when you receive the DVD, immediately copy and save the contents of it onto your hard drive or a portable hard disk. In this way, the files are kept safe from damage. The actual chess material on Foxy Openings is high quality, so it is well worth doing this.

Wholesale Chess provides the highest quality chess products at the lowest prices (especially for US and Canadian players). They even offer to match prices with other chess websites! Even though I live overseas, this is where I choose to purchase chess products.

For chess opening training and repertoire maintenance, I highly recommend the software I use, Chess Openings Wizard. This software was approved by Grandmaster Peter Svidler (FIDE rating 2744 as of January 2010) many years ago.

Foxy Openings is recommended for players of FIDE rating 1200-2400.

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