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ChessBase Fritztrainer DVDs (Review)


ChessBase Fritztrainer is a range of DVDs offered by arguably the largest chess enterprise in the world, the German company ChessBase.

I have purchased a number of these and I must say, they are higher quality than DVDs from other chess companies. First of all, the DVDs, unlike Foxy Openings, are quite durable. I have run them through my computer countless times and I haven't encountered a single problem.

The presenters that ChessBase employs are all excellent; they are typically strong grandmasters or experienced international masters. The videos are often of quite a long length (sometimes more than 6 hours), providing good value for money . It is like hiring an expert coach for a fraction of the price.

You can only watch these DVDs on laptops or desktop PCs, as they require an installation. The DVD will install "ChessBase Reader", which permits a unique experience of watching the presenter talk whilst the chessboard on the Reader moves automatically. This is different from normal DVDs where the screen will often switch between the presenter talking and an animated chessboard. (Note: If you have Fritz already installed, you can watch it there and you don't need to install ChessBase Reader. However, I would still suggest installing ChessBase Reader, as it was designed specifically to watch the DVDs.)

I believe I bought the first ever Fritztrainer DVD when it came out. It was called Strategy and Tactics by Peter Wells, a grandmaster from England. It was a neat collection of 7-8 positions illustrating interesting strategical and tactical concepts. Note that some of the older Fritztrainer DVDs don't have ChessBase Reader, so if you don't have Fritz installed, just stick to the newer ones. There is actually a 3-minute sample of Strategy and Tactics available on the ChessBase website (right click and select "Save Target As").

Some of the other worthwhile Fritztrainer DVDs which I have bought include Dr. Karsten Mueller Endgames 2 Rook Endgames, Dr. Karsten Mueller Endgames 3 Major Piece Endgames, Alexei Shirov - Endgame Fireworks and Viswanathan Anand - My Career Vol. 1 and 2. You will hardly ever see top 10 players analyse their own games, but ChessBase somehow signed on 15th World Champion Viswanathan Anand. They also have an extensive range of chess opening DVDs, including 1 volume on the Queen's Gambit and 3 volumes on the Sicilian Najdorf by Kasparov himself (13th World Champion and widely considered to be the strongest ever chess player).

To purchase products, I recommend Wholesale Chess. They provide the highest quality chess products at the lowest prices (especially for US and Canadian players). They even offer to match prices with other chess websites! Even though I live overseas, this is where I choose to purchase chess goods.

For chess opening training and repertoire maintenance, I highly recommend the software I use, Chess Openings Wizard. This software was approved by Grandmaster Peter Svidler (FIDE rating 2744 as of January 2010) many years ago.

ChessBase Fritztrainer DVDs are suitable for players from rating 1200-2500.


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