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Do you have a website and would like to display chess games on it? The process is actually quite simple and requires easy-to-learn HTML editing skills as well as chess database skills. I suggest using Chess Viewer Deluxe to display your games. It is an improved version of MyChess, which is a very popular chess viewer. Chess Viewer Deluxe is the main chess viewer on the fashionable ChessGames.com website. It is a free and "full featured Java applet, designed to present chess games on the Web".

To display chess games on your website, you first need the games you want to display in PGN (portable game notation) format. For example, let me choose the games from the recent Anand-Kramnik World Chess Championship. You may need to use chess database software like Fritz or ChessBase in order to find the necessary games and convert them into PGN format.

I have uploaded the PGN file onto my website server at the following address:


(Note: You don't actually need to show your website viewers where the file is located, although visitors can find it if they look through the source code of your webpage.)

You can now choose what chess viewer you want to use. I recommend Chess Viewer Deluxe. (The official homepage has been taken down as Yahoo closed their long-running GeoCities free webhosting service, so instead, I have replaced it with a link to the Internet Archive.) Go to the Chess Viewer Deluxe website and see the heading "Installation", where there are instructions for installing the applet. Download the Viewer-Deluxe.jar and upload it to your website server. Now, on your desired HTML page, use software such as Microsoft Frontpage to add the code in step 2 onto your website. The only thing you need to change is the "PgnGameFile" line. In our example, replace "Samples.Pgn" with "world-chess-championship.pgn". Although it's not really necessary, doing steps 3 and 4 will save your viewers some headache in case they don't have Java. In the Games Samples page, the code in step 3 is put into the <HEAD> tag of your webpage.

Here is my example:

  Your browser is completely ignoring the <APPLET> tag!

Now you have a fully functional chess board with your desired games on your website!

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