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ChessPublishing.com (2007)

ChessPublishing.com is a paid chess opening theory website. It allows you to subscribe to the website according to "sections" (e.g. the 1.e4 e5 or French sections), edited by GMs or IMs. One major advantage of ChessPublishing.com is that it is cheaper than buying a specialised openings book and the material is continually being updated so ChessPublishing.com's theory is often more accurate than books. You can also download files, easily storing them on your computer. Subscribers can join one section, multiple sections or all sections. I have subscribed to the French Defence section, edited by GM and French expert Neil McDonald, for a full year and I have thoroughly enjoyed it. Originally I went straight to the downloadable PDF and game file ebooks when I registered and I found them to be quite inaccurate (probably because they were old and infrequently updated). Then I realised the best information came from the monthly updates on current theoretical trends by the GM or IM writer. I found these updates to be excellent. McDonald covered many aspects of the French in detail from the newest games each month. And with players, like IM Goh Wei Ming, regularly contributing new ideas (in addition to McDonald's), the monthly articles become even more interesting.

This popular chess website has a well thought-out concept, useful for cutting-edge players. Recommended for 1800+ FIDE.

To purchase products, I recommend Wholesale Chess. They provide the highest quality chess products at the lowest prices (especially for US and Canadian players). They even offer to match prices with other chess websites! Even though I live overseas, this is where I choose to purchase chess goods.

For chess opening training and repertoire maintenance, I highly recommend the software I use, Chess Openings Wizard. This software was approved by Grandmaster Peter Svidler (FIDE rating 2744 as of January 2010) many years ago.


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