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WinBoard Chess Engines


Welcome to my WinBoard chess engines page. Here, as well as showing how to use a WinBoard engine in an UCI interface, I list a range of the most popular WinBoard chess engines.

If you download an engine take a look into the readme files. Most authors ask for response like games, results or bug reports. You can help them improve their chess engine.

How to use a WinBoard engine under a UCI interface

Here's a short summary. This is not said anywhere, but I wouldn't be surprised if the WinBoard engine doesn't play as well under UCI as it would normally. The conversion process is detailed on Odd Gunnar Malin's website.

1. Download the WinBoard engine, and extract it into its own folder.

2. Download "Wb2Uci", a program essential for the conversion of WinBoard engines to UCI engines. You can download it from Odd Gunnar Malin's website. Copy the wb2uci.exe and wb2uci.eng files into the engine folder you created before.

3. Edit the "wb2uci.eng" and the "configfile" of the engine. Both these files should be edited in "notepad".

WinBoard engines

Engine pages has engines available for download!

Name Picture Author Details
AnMon   Christian Barreteau, France  
Arasan Robert Hyatt,
Crafty Jon Dart,
FTP Homepage
EXChess   Dan Homan
Faile Adrien Regimbald,
Gromit   F.Schneider, K.Skibbe,
Phalanx Dusan Dobes,
Pulsar   Mike Adams, USA Homepage
The Crazy Bishop   Remi Coulom,
The King (commercial) Johan de Koning,
Chessmaster Homepage

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