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Chess Parenting and the ‘Never Say Die’ Strategy

Chess Parenting 101 discusses some important points if a parent is considering shifting their child into chess. ‘Never Say Die‘ is a strategy used in chess that is a trademark of legendary fighters. Note: If you use Windows 7, you … Continue reading

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The Two Types of Chess Player

Highs and lows in chess are common. Like artists, we have have streaks of brilliance and misery. Simply look at my 5-minute rating changes in the last three years – it is like a stockmarket. It is how a person … Continue reading

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Unification is achieved!

People often ask me why the world’s highest ranked player is not also the world champion. Normally I have to tediously go through how they have qualification tournaments followed a one-on-one match between champion and challenger, and how the world’s … Continue reading

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