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Beat the Grandmasters (2005)


Beat the Grandmasters by Christian Kongsted is a tactics puzzle book with a very interesting concept. The front cover has a picture of a pawn with a whip, taking down an enemy king which is many times larger. In this book, Kongsted puts you in a position where you are playing a grandmaster opponent, and it is up to you to find the winning move in the position. I think this is an excellent new idea. The book contains 351 puzzles with full solutions. It also include "a self-rating system to assess your progress". I've always done tactics books for the puzzles, to improve my calculation, but the addition of a 'rating chart' is often interesting. Kongsted guarantees that the majority of the positions in the book have not appeared in chess puzzle books before. It's difficult to criticise a tactics/puzzle book as there is little room for mistakes, and indeed I have no criticism here.

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This is a well-written tactics book with plenty of interesting positions to train yourself on. Recommended, especially for improving players.

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