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101 Tips to Improve Your Chess (1996)


GM Anthony "Tony" Kosten's 101 Tips to Improve Your Chess is an uncommon gem book. Sadly, it appears to be out of print, although there are 8 used and new on Amazon.com at the time I'm writing this. According to the back cover, this book discusses 101 useful positional chess concepts, although I think this is an understatement, because it covers many tactical points as well. In the preface, Kosten reveals something that we all know to be true - many amateurs say that they play chess for fun, but the truth is: "Winning is fun and losing is not!" The book even discusses the concepts throughout the three phases of the game (opening, middlegame and endgame). The book is divided up into the following chapters: The Opening, Pawns, The Pieces, Strategy and Tactics, Attack and Defence, The Endgame and General. This is one of those one-of-a-kind books which can be read without a chess set. It has three diagrams for every explanation of a concept (one concept typically takes up one page). This is a major advantage for people on-the-go and who want to save time by learning the positional tips efficiently.

Kosten's writing is lucid and easy-to-read. 101 Tips to Improve Your Chess is a useful instructional book. Recommended for amateurs, but it can be useful for players up to FIDE master strength (2300 FIDE). Recommended, especially for improving players.

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